About Me

My name is Temitope Jimoh, fondly known as Teejay. I am the founder of Simple Finance Academy, an online school that support traditional accountants and fresh accounting graduates with all the help they need to build the business of their dreams focused on providing excellent accounting services and solutions.

There’s a gigantic market for you in accounting. Unlike taxes and audit, accounting processes and principles are universal, that means that you can book clients from any part of the world.

Believe me, you have a highly-valued skill set, don’t put it to waste. With my help, you can be your own boss and work from anywhere you choose.

Here’s my story…

My Story

Since I graduated from University, owining my own business and being my own boss has been my dream. To realise this dream, I thought the ONLY path was get chartered and obtain a practise licence. I then embarked on getting chartered, it was a long process. After I qualified, I had to admit that I hated audit but absolutely love accounting. There was no accountant ready to teach me how to get starterd, everyone hoarded the secret to the trade. Most accountants were traditional and they were not even exploiting the virtual accounting space, so they coud not help in any way.

With persistence, lots of research and self training, I found that I could render excellent accounting services without waiting to be chartered and licensed by professional bodies. For more than 10 years, I struggled to build my business from the comfort of my home focused on accounting solutions… the journey was a very long one but with dedication, I have been able to birth my dream.

All along, I had everything I needed but the personn to show me the way.

Are you an accounting graduate or do you hold HND or OND in accounting? Well, that’s all it takes to get started!

My Goal
My goal is to rid the accounting indsutry of all the dirty little secrets and help at least 200 accountants launch their virtual accounting business even if they have no professional qualification, certification or licence.

My Method

I have mastered very valuable business strategies and skills that I am willing to share with you so that you can do start your business in the shortest time possible. With my online courses, templates, mentorship and training, you will be able to cut short your journey, beacause you have me!

Let’s get started, shall we?

If i can do it, so can you...

Are you ready to build your own Virtual Accounting business?

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